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3D NCC-1701E Poster


Product Information

Feast your eyes on this poster, created by  $1 of the sale price will be donated to the STARFLEET Scholarship General Fund.

You've Never Seen Star Trek Like This!

Using the latest in digital technology combined with ultra-high-quality lenticular printing, Roddenberry proudly presents the first three releases in a new collection of original Star Trek images specially designed to jump off the page as you view them!

Stardate:  50893.5

Shortly into their new mission, while on a routine patrol of the Romulan Neutral Zone, the crew of the U.S.S. Enterprise NCC-1701-E received word that the Borg were once again engaging in an attack directly against Earth. Disobeying orders to remain on patrol, Captain Jean-Luc Picard raced the Enterprise-E back to Sector 001 to discover a single Borg Cube decimating a defense fleet of starships.

Fresh to the battle and using information he retained from his own assimilation as Locutus of Borg, Picard and the Enterprise were able to direct the fleet in a concentrated volley of weapons fire at a vulnerable section of the Cube. The strategy worked…or so it seemed. Moments before the Cube exploded, it launched a small spherical craft on a mission back through time. If not stopped by Picard and the Enterprise, the Borg would assimilate the Earth nearly a century before the United Federation of Planets could ever be formed, dooming the Alpha Quadrant.


True Steroescopic 3-D
No Special 3-D Glasses Needed
Breathtaking Sharpness and Color
17” x 10” Size Prints Suitable for Wall Display and Framing

Printed in the U.S.A.

Product Code: LP03

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