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Accessory Links

At this time, Starfleet is not able to provide uniforms. However, we are happy to provide you with the following information for places to purchase various Starfleet uniform items and other Star Trek related accessories. Online auctions can also be a good source of uniform items. If you have any other sources to add to this list, or notice any malfunctioning or dead links, please contact the QM at creates personalized name badges, including hangers for additional graphics or information.

Intergalactic Trading Company, carries all sorts of Trek related items. If you're looking for TOS uniform braid, try this link

Ebay seller Katarra8, recommended by a Starfleet member as having (among other things) accurate TOS uniform braid.

Costumecostumecostume.Com Catalog items and made-to-measure costumes of all types.

Costumer Craze sells Original Series, Next Generation, Deep Space Nine, and Voyager adult and children’s uniforms.

The Nightmare Factory - sells First Contact, Next Generation, Deep Space Nine, and Voyager costumes, and props and accessories.

Shadow Dale Creations makes costumes of all sorts, including custom to order items. From the main page, click on the MOVIES link, scroll down and click on the Star Trek link. They offer Original Series TV, Movies ‘Monster Maroon’, Next Generation 1st and 3rd season, Voyager, Insurrection dress, and Nemesis.

Starbase one sells Next Generation, Voyager, Deep Space Nine and First Contact uniforms, alien items, and children’s items.

Starfleet Tailor makes and sells uniforms for all series, and includes props, badges, and much more.

Starland sells a small selection of some of the television series uniforms and props.

Fashion Thru Time "Fashions Thru Time is your destination for custom costume design, retail costumes and accessories. From Kings to Klingons and Superheroes to Starfleet, we have the exact costume you’re looking for."

Galron Manufacturing makes various Star Trek pins, patches, dog tags, plaques, and so on.

Xscapes Sci-Fi Originals specializes in quality television and movie prop replicas costumes and collectibles. Our movie prop replicas are made using original studio props as reference and modeling elements as used in the actual movie props used for filming.

Cosplayying is an ebay seller located in China who makes custom costumes and has hundreds of items listed at any given time.  "Welcome to Cosplayying store!!!  We also take commission costumes, just send the pics of the costume you wanted, our experienced tailors will make the great costume for you! Our goal is to make costume with heart! We are sure you will be satisfied with your purchase!"

Gibson-Barnes is a uniform maker that sells a variety of jumpers and jackets.  Of particular note are their jumpsuit styles known as "Discovery" and "Apollo".  The Discovery is very similiar to the DS9-Voyager jumper. They can make the jumper without the collar so that it's more like the Trek jumper. They're made of polyester/cotton, so they are washable and durable.  They have the department colors except for the gold. They say that if the company ordering has a source for the gold, they can send it with their order and they'll use it to complete the outfit.  With the colors they have (black, dark grey, burgundy and teal) the DS9-VOY jumper can be made, or with the black and dark grey, the Nemesis type jumper. The department color band on the cuff can be added too.

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